Individual Registration

Register with us online and just tell us your name when you arrive and we will have your number ready!

(Dealers must register in-person)

Terms, Conditions, & Rules

I certify that I am 18 years old or older; and that there is no legal reason I cannot have the title of an automobile in my name. I agree to hold Edge Auto Auction, Inc. harmless due to any action on my part. I further agree that if any instrument of payment given by me is required to Edge Auto Auction, Inc. unpaid; I will be responsible for payment of the same, as well as any charge placed for collection of the same. I also certify that I understand the rules of this sale and agree to abide by them. 

I also understand that any vehicle sold through Edge Auto Auction, Inc. is sold AS-IS and once bid on and paid for is mine. I also understand that the payment source for this sale is cash only.

  • Register once and you are ready! Just come tell us your name in the office and we will print you a badge

  • Cash Only - (Debit/Credit Card =5% of the total price)

  • AS-IS - You bid it off, come into the office and pay then

  • Pay Attention to the auction block - 

White Light: You get the title that day​

Blue Light: Title Attached, You pay that day and wait on the title to come in from the seller NO TIME FRAMES PUT ON T/A

  • You may check out vehicles before the sale (drive around backlot, crank, raise hood)

  • Auto Check Is Done On All 2011 & Up

  • No buying or selling outside of the auction! All must come through the office!

Individual Registration